Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme.
If you have other questions, please just send it to support@housegent.com.

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Pre Sale Questions

Yes, of course.

All Housegent products are supplied by worldwide OEM manufacturers. Before a product being supplied to our customers, there are times of technical and quality controls to insure the highest standards.

Usually, your order will be dispatched in separate parcels.

To check your order status, follow steps below:

(1)Sign into your account by clicking the “Log In” link in the top left corner of any page.

(2)You will then be able to view all your orders and their current status on Account - My Orders page.

(3)By clicking the “View Order” link to the right of the order number, you can check the order summary and detailed order status history.

If you don’t have a Housegent account, you’ll get an email when your order is shipped. If you want to check what’s going on, feel free to contact our customer service.

The following terms indicate the status of an order:

(1)Order Details: Payment Succeed: Payment has been received. Order updates will be sent once available.

(2)Order Processing: Order has been paid, we will complete quality inspection and packaging within 48 working hours.

(3)Shipped: Order has been shipped or picked up.

(4)Complete: Order has been sent to the shipping address customer provided, including package on the way or delivered.

Order Processing:

(1)Pending: Order is currently incomplete, awaiting payment. Once we've received the payment, we will confirm it within 24 hours and begin processing the order.

(2)Inspection & Packing Completed:Item has been inspected and well-packed. It will be shipped out from original warehouse.

(3)Left for the Departure Port: Item has been shipped from the origin warehouse to the departure port for sea transportation.

(4)In Sea Transportation: Item is in sea transportation towards to your local warehouse.

(5)Arrival at the Transshipment Port:Item has arrived at the transshipment port and will be transported to the destination port.

(6)Shipped from the Transshipment Port: Item has left the transshipment port for the destination port.

(7)Arrival at the Terminal Port: Item has arrived at the terminal port, customs clearance is about to be carried out.

(8)Customs Clearance: Item has completed customs clearance and will be sent to your local warehouse.

(9)In Transit to Local Warehouse:Item is in transit to your local warehouse. We will keep you updated once it arrives.

(10)Arrival at Local Warehouse:Item has arrived at the local warehouse. We will schedule a pickup with the carrier soon.

(11)Waiting for a Pickup:Item has been scheduled for a pickup and will be shipped to you shortly.

(12)Item Shipped:Item has been shipped (Eg. Carrier: UPS/Fedex, Tracking Number: UPS1234), please wait patiently.

(13)Complete: Order has been sent to the shipping address customer provided, including package on the way or delivered.

(14)Canceled: Order has been canceled.

(15) Closed: Order has been returned and refunded.

Normally we don't provide support during weekends, except for urgent cases. In these cases, you only need to mark “Urgent” in your email, we will get back to you ASAP.

First of all, please contact our customer service to check the feasibility before placing the order. If it is feasible, our customer care will guide you to place the special order.

If you have already placed the order but have special requirements, please also contact our customer service to check the feasibility. If it is feasible, we will make an arrangement. If not, you also have the right to modify or cancel your order for a full refund before the order is shipped.

Carefully review your shipping information for accuracy before submitting your order. Once an order is placed, shipping address cannot be changed online. When you need, first of all, please check the status of your order.

(1)Pending: You can just leave it alone and place a new order.

(2)Shipment transfer: Please contact Customer Service as quickly as possible to make changes.

(3)Shipped: It depends on the carrier's service. Some carriers offer address change service by charging additional fee. With all of this in mind, we still do understand that sometimes you want to ask us to try, so you may contact Customer Service to check the possibility. Note that country cannot be changed, success or not depends on carriers, additional address change fee will be at customer's expense.

If unfortunately, the carrier who delivers your order doesn't offer address change service, please manage to receive your order at the original shipping address or directly contact the carrier to seek assistance. If the address is totally invalid, package may be destroyed or returned to sender. In this situation, you will be charged a penalty that may include, but not limited to extra shipping charges and handling fees.

Changes are not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation from our customer service.

Our site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, an approved industry standard that provides you with a secure connection for your transactions. In addition we use PayPal and Amazon Pay to give you flexible, protected payment options.

Carefully review your order information for accuracy before submitting your order. Once an order is placed, if you want to change product or cancel. When you need, first of all, please check the status of your order.

(1)Pending: You can just leave it alone and place a new order. Please note that the pending order will display in your account within a month, after that the order will be cancel automatically and you will receive a cancellation email.

(2)Order Processing: Please contact Customer Service as quickly as possible to cancel or change product.

(3)Completed: It can no longer be changed or canceled, you may return it following our return&exchange policy if it meets returnable conditions.

Please note that customized items and furniture items can only be canceled within 24 hours after payment confirmation. In addition, change products only can be arranged before your original order is shipped. Some products cannot be changed, please contact customer service for any further questions. If a delivery is refused for any reason without Housegent’s consent, you will be charged a penalty that may include, but not limited to extra shipping charges and handling fees.

Changes or Cancellations are not guaranteed until you receive a confirmation from our customer service.

Payments & Pricing

A coupon code is an alphanumeric sequence that consumers can use to get a discount. To keep up to date on the latest offerings, subscribe to our newsletter.


If you subscribe to us by leaving your valid email address on our website, you will receive an email with a coupon code attached.


Coupons will be collected automatically after the new user successfully registered on hoousegent.com. You can find more details by checking "My Account-My Coupons".


We have aperiodical promotions with different forms of coupon distribution. Please keep an eye on the rules we put on. Usually, you could get the public coupon on our website or receive some exclusive coupons via emails or social media channels, etc.

Add your purchases to the cart and continue to final checkout page, the highest available coupon for the current order will be matched and deducted by default. You could also remove or change other available coupons through the icon of ">" and "Remove" respectively.

Your coupon may have expired or may have already been used on a previous order.

Coupons do not apply to shipping fees or service.

Coupons may not apply to limited-time sales or clearance items.

Some coupons apply only to specific items.

There may be prerequisites for the use of coupon codes, such as a minimum purchase or impose a maximum savings.

If the above exceptions do not cover the coupon you wish to use, or if you have any other question, please feel free to contact Customer Support.

Depending on your state, some categories of items are taxed and others are not. We're required to charge sales tax on applicable items if the state you're in mandates it.

Use overlay text to give your customers insight into your brand. Select image and text that relates to your style and story.

(1)For registered users, you can first sign in by clicking the little human icon at the top of our site, under which you can click "My Orders" and see the order detail page.

(2)For guest or registered users, click the "Track Order" at the bottom of our site and put in your order number along with the associated email, and you should also find the order detail page there.

(3)On the order detail page, click the "Print Order Invoice" button, and your order receipt will be download in the form of PDF.

(4)Please get in touch with our customer service team, and we will provide you with the most satisfactory solution.

Prices are subject to change - including temporary reductions as well as permanent increases. The prices of items in your cart represent the current price for which you will be charged.


(2)Credit card/ Debit card

(3)Apple Pay

(4)Google pay


Klarna payment method is available in US, UK, Germany, Spain, and France, not yet supported in other countries.

(1)Payment methods are shown differently depend on the countries you are in. Please refer to the supported payment methods displayed on the final checkout page.

(2)Your payment method is not supported If the payment method is not displayed on our website.

FAQs about Chandeliers and Pendants

The chandelier you choose should match the decor and style of the room you want to put it in. For a casual room, try fun pendant lights or simple chandeliers without lots of tiers, crystals or bulbs. Chandeliers made of wood are unique and can be casual in a variety of styles from rustic to contemporary. Crystal and brass chandeliers are great for more formal rooms because they are meant to sparkle and impress. Iron chandeliers are also usually on the formal side with their antique look.

Big chandeliers never go in small or low-ceilinged rooms because they overwhelm the room and look out of place. Little chandeliers in big or tall rooms can look smaller than they really are and leave the room feeling dark. A general rule is to measure the dimensions of the room in feet and add them together; a chandelier for that room should have a diameter that's close to that same number in inches. For example, if your foyer is 12' by 16', add the 12 plus 16 to get 28. The proper size chandelier would then be 28" diameter. This works for any room.

Hanging a chandelier can be a tricky question. Hang it too low and you hit your head at the dining table or create a glare in the living room; hang it too high and it looks dim and out of place. Over a dining table, chandeliers should generally be about 30 to 34 inches above the table. For bowl-style or very ornate chandeliers, you can raise the chandelier about three inches to improve visibility. In a simply decorated living room, you can hang a chandelier a bit lower to be the centerpiece; whereas in an ornate room, you may want to hang it a bit on the high side to shed light on your furniture and accessories.

Chandeliers should almost never be in the center of the room; this leaves corners in shadow and requires you to crowd your furniture in the middle of the room. Put your chandeliers over spaces with specific functions to highlight these spaces; for example, put a small, cozy chandelier over your casual conversation space or several Tiffany chandeliers around the room to add a warm ambiance. For a dining room, chandeliers are best positioned above the center of the table, or you can try two or three smaller chandeliers or pendants along the length of the table.

Most chandeliers require only a light dusting with a soft or microfiber cloth. For brass chandeliers, you can increase the brassy shine with a cloth lightly moistened with furniture polish. Cleaning the bulbs and shades is important too, since they diffuse the light; dust and polish the bulbs with that soft cloth before dusting the chandelier itself, and then wash the shades in warm, soapy water. Crystal chandeliers need special cleaning and care. Clean your crystal chandelier and lamp shades with warm water mixed with isopropyl alcohol. Spread a drop cloth below the chandelier and allow it to drip dry.

Most chandeliers either come with the specialty bulbs they require or use candelabra bulbs that provide the right light, so all you need to do is find bulbs with the right intensity. These are usually 20, 40, 60 or 100-watt bulbs. You can choose between transparent bulbs that allow maximum light or frosted glass bulbs that further diffuse the light.

Pendants are hanging lights that are similar to chandeliers but are often smaller, longer and less formal. They come in a variety of fun colors and designs. Pendant lights are great for highlighting and dividing a space and for task lighting. Try putting them along your kitchen island to divide the kitchen area from the dining area or use one to highlight the butcher block. You can use two or three along the length of the dining table or use several to define the separate areas and tasks of a room.

Stainless steel does not stain, corrode, or rust as easily as ordinary steel. However, it is susceptible to rust staining by other objects found in the kitchen (ex. cast iron pan left in the kitchen sink will stain the sink).

Stainless steel contains additional elements such as chromium or nickel that form a protective layer on the exterior of the kitchen sink. Improper maintenance, abrasive cleaners, excessive scrubbing, and hard water build-up can all damage the protective layer, making the sink susceptible to rusting.

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