Interior Design

HG Interior Design is a multidisciplinary team of designers, interior architects, and stylists dedicated to crafting exceptional spatial experiences. As one of the world's leading residential design firms, we have executed numerous acclaimed projects across the globe. Our portfolio spans from San Francisco to Shanghai, Miami to Milan, Los Angeles to London, Pittsburgh to Paris, Toronto to Tokyo, and Denver to Dubai, each project a testament to innovative design excellence.

Our designers are guided by the HG design spirit, which is the core of our practice. Influenced by the Renaissance, we constantly pursue the elegant style of the great artistic trio, embodying a romantic sentiment. Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" has profoundly influenced HG, with its colors and forms deeply moving us. In this artwork, the painter intentionally overlooked normal human proportions to highlight elegance, emphasizing sensation over precise proportions. In an era where life experiences are at their peak, we strive to break away from design homogeneity, boldly creating home experiences that are both low-cost and high-style.

Gradually, we came under the influence of the Art Nouveau and Vienna Secession movements from the late 19th to the early 20th centuries. This inspiration prompted us to move away from the relatively conservative styles that had characterized the mid-development phase of HG. We delved into the artistic tendencies of Secessionist authors, allowing each designer to adopt a variety of styles without adhering to a strict manifesto. We draw inspiration from the works of various design masters, refining these ideas and integrating them into modern home design. As a result, the products we launch represent a cohesive category of art, aligning closely in ideas and types. Yet, we maintain a commitment to practical value in our design philosophy. In 2004, we initiated a comprehensive upgrade of all manufacturable home items, adopting the bold and classical elegance of Secessionist master painter Gustav Klimt.